Trichotillomania and Chronic Skin Picking Resources

THE Number One place to begin is the Trichotillomania Learning CenterIt was created in 1991 by Christina Pearson, herself a hair puller and skin and picker.  It offers support, lists of professionals trained in treating trich, lists of support groups, free publications, news updates, a national conference, as well as other resources to people with these conditions.  It also sponsors research and training for these understudied conditions.  Check out the website.  Sign up for free information.  Strongly consider membership.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED is Free Webinar by Martin Franklin, PhD.  It is VERY informative about what is known about TTM and CSP and treatment.  If you have these conditions or you have a family member with them, take 75 minutes for the presentation.  You won't be sorry. 
You probably will have to download codec (computer code) at for your media player to work.

There are a number of articles at   There are additional articles by Fred Penzel, PhD, a pioneer therapist and author at

To find trained providers, go to

There are a handful or so books written for people with these conditions.  One good one is Help for Hair Pullers by Kuethen, Stein, and Christenson.  A book I really like for parents and older kids is The Hair Pulling "habit and You. How to Solve the Trichotillomania Puzzle.  by Ruth Golomb and Sherrie Vavrichek.  Another excellent book for parents is Stay Out of My Hair by Mouton-Odum and Golomb.

For self-help or to supplement your treatment, use Weekly Trich & Pick Busters Checklist

An excellent article on medications is Medications for Trichotillomania and Pathologic Skin Picking by Jon Grant, MD It also briefly touches on the promising use of N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), an amino acid and Inositol, a B-vitamin and an isomer of glucose.  For more information and a brief video on Grant's research on NAC

For those people who either don't have access to professionals trained to work with trichotillomania or don't want to see a therapist, there are two self-help websites,  and  These sites were developed by Drs. Mouton-Odum, Stanley, and Keuthen, all recognized leaders in the treatment of Body Focused Disorders.  Monthly subscriptions for this assessment and behavioral website are $29.95/mo.  They state that it is NOT intended as a substitute for therapy.

A very moving documentary about trichotillomania is Bad Hair Life, available on DVD.  This was done by Jennifer Raikes, who has a long history of her own hair pulling.  It presents intimate portraits of adults and children at different stages of coping with hair-pulling.

Trichotillomania and Chronic Skin Picking are increasingly treatable conditions.


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