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Deep breathing/Relaxation

NOTE:  Relaxation recordings for adults and also for children (of all ages) are now found on Media page.

There are numerous different relaxation techniques.  Listen to my recordings on the right to sample several different techniques.  Come back and listen as often as you wish or can use this on your own.

Diaphramatic or belly often can be a very powerful tool as an antidote for anxiety, especially panic attacks.  In order to know you are breathing deeply, place one hand above your navel and the other on your chest.  You want to push your stomach out when you inhale and in when you exhale.  You don't want the hand on your chest moving.  As you inhale, slowly count to four. Then count to four as you exhale.  Most people find this to be calming.  Practice this throughout the day, when you DON'T need it, so you can begin to use when you feel the first sensation of anxiety.  This can also be helpful to use at the beginning of a potential anger episode.  Many find this helpful at bedtime, to help quiet themselves in preparation for sleep.

Another technique is to quiet the mind as much as possible.  Letting one word come into your mind at it's own pace is very helpful.  One can use pretty much any word one chooses.  "Relax" works well for most people.  One also dismisses new thoughts, without thinking about them, as they arise.

Another technique is progressive muscle relaxation.  One tenses a group of muscles, hold the tension, and then slowly release it.  This is done several times before going on to other muscle groups.

Many find guided imagery CDs/tapes to work well for them.  Belleruth Naparstek has developed a whole library of recordings.  The basic framework is about the same, but she crafts them to different topics, such as insomnia, depression, heart problems, and a whole host of other conditions.  For more information, check the library or here website:

For a breathing meditation from Lisa Dale Miller (no relation)  meditation.

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