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It has been argued that some don't marry "For better or worse."  Michelle Weiner-Davis argues that most couples can be helped with couples counseling, relationship skill building classes, and the like.  Unfortunately, many couples don't seek outside help until one has decided that they want out.  Even then, divorce is not a certainty.  In addition to thinking about what initially brought the couple together, it is helpful to increase small "caring behaviors," such as giving a kiss as a greeting, doing small things for your partners, and other things that you did when things were good.

Parents often question whether it is better to stay together for the children.  Weiner-Davis points out that this presumes that the couple can't again be happy.  When divorce does happen, she reports "that children benefit from divorce only in those situations where there is extreme abuse," which is estimated to be about one third of completed divorces.  Parents being happier after a divorce does not mean that the children will also be happier.

Michelle Weiner-Davis  For the sake of the kids

When divorce does occur, children are often placed in the middle of their parents disputes.  This can be done by talking badly about the other parent, arguing in front of the children, trying to restrict visits/phone calls, etc.  This is a time when the children need as much support as possible.  Please click on the link below for additional information:

Helping your child through a divorce

A good book written for Kids is The Divorce Helpbook for Kids.  Cynthia MacGregor.

When divorce does occur, it often goes through various stages. Click on the link below for additional information.:

Stages of divorce                                                                             
Effects of Divorce on Children - 1

Effects of Divorce on Children - 2
Successful Transitions for High Conflict Families 

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